In-House Sensor Cleaning

With Digital SLR cameras, dust or dirt on the sensor will be recorded in the same place on every image, and despite Automatic Cleaning Systems, you may eventually find dirt stuck to the sensor that shows up in your images. No worries! Just stop by, or call ahead to have one of our staff members clean it while you wait!


Pricing is determined by the degree of dirt/debris found on your camera's sensor. If we can accomplish the task by blowing your sensor off with air, there is no charge. If additional cleaning/swabbing is required, there is a $40 charge.

Tips to Avoid a Dirty Sensor

Try not to change lenses in a dirty enviroment or outdoors on a windy day. If you must, do so under your shirt or coat.

When changing lenses, point camera downward or at an angle towards the ground to minimize debris from falling inside.

Have your camera cleaned at least once a year. If shooting in dirty enviroments, it may need to be cleaned more often, or if you notice black specs on your images in the same locations.

Turn camera off before changing lenses. On some cameras, the sensor has an electric charge that will actually attract dust like a magnet.