Memory Card Recovery

OOPS! Accidently erased your family Chrismas photos, son's first football game?! We can help! Corrupt memory card cleared your daughter's graduation ceremony, grandma's 80th birthday party?! We've got you covered! Accidently formatted your memory card?! Bring your card in to us!

Service Time

Turn around time for data recovery is approxmately 2 days.

Types of Memory

SD, SDHC, Compact Flash, Micro SD, Memory Stick, USB Drives, XD


Price is based on the amount of data that we are able to recover.

0-4 Gigs - $19.95

each additional 4G of data $7.95

Tips to Prevent Digital Disasters

Back up your Images/Video

Be sure to back up your images/video regularly onto CDs, DVDs, or an external hard drive to guard against losing your irreplaceable images/video when (not if) your computer crashes. We carry high quality Delkin Archival DVD-R and CD-R's.

Transfer your Photos/Video

Make sure to move your images/video to a computer ASAP! Do not delete or reformat your card until you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN all your photos/video have been transferred.

Follow Directions

When removing your card or flash drive from your computer, use the EJECT command to avoid deleting or corrupting images/video.

Verify the Transfer

Open your images on the hard drive before you reformat your card.

Copies of your Copies

Make multiple copies of your images/video and store in a safe place off site.

Protect your Memory

Use a plastic case when carrying your cards around. Simple static electricity can make a card unreadable. These cases can also prevent breakage, and remind you NOT to put them in the wash with the rest of your laundry.


Flash memory cards can be used about 1000 times before they begin to wear out.

Extreme Conditions

Avoid heat, cold, and humidity.