Home Decor + Wall Art

Home Decor + Wall Art

The Wall Art Collection is our newest offering of canvas prints, collages, posters and framed prints. Any of which is perfect for creating a stylish and eclectic display of your favorite photos.

Create a Gallery Wall Display

Bring cherished photos out of albums and onto your walls! We can help you scan those images into digital format for easy ordering.

If you have lots of images, use a collage print to fit more photos within one piece.

Combine textures and styles. Mix and match canvas prints with framed prints for variety.

To avoid competing color schemes, make all your images black & white for a simple, modern look.

Incorporate some nature shots.

When creating an asemmetrical wall grouping, work your way from the center out. This makes the placement easier to create.

Easy Ordering

Order any of these products digitally in-store or online. Upload your photos into one of our ready-to-print templates. No trimming and sizing prints necessary to fit inside multi-image frames. Or, bring in your images and we would be happy to assist you in selecting a Wall Art product!

Canvas Collages

Poster Prints

Framed Collages

Fine Art Enlargements