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Save those family memories before they are gone!

Photo Pro is excited to offer home movie transfer from 8mm and 16mm movie film as well as VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, 8mm, Hi 8 and Digital 8 tapes.







VHS Tapes

$24.95 and $12.00 for each additional tape (up to 2 hours of total viewing time)

8mm and 16mm reel to reel movie film

Charges are based on footage of film submitted.

Up to 250 Feet    .24 per foot

251-100 feet        .22 per foot

1001-2000 feet  .20 per foot

2001 or more        .18 per foot

*plus set up charge and $29.95 for DVD or $69.95 for Blue Ray recording fee per 2 hours of viewing time

$50.00 is due at the time the order is placed.  Typical service time is 2-4 weeks.