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The fun of Facebook is the immediacy, i.e. how are you feeling right now? The shared experiences among friends and family and how different views of the same event are brought together is what keeps us coming back.

It's SO Easy!

What if you could easily get to your own Facebook pictures plus your friends' pictures to tell a much bigger, more complete picture story?  Well, you can do just that. Click HERE to get started! Just look for the familiar blue Facebook logo.  You'll have your pictures plus the pictures your friends have chosen to share with you at your fingertips to use in any print or creative photo project you choose.

It is good to share, and now that is so easy. Try it! Or, come in and see your friends here at the store and we’ll help you do the exact same thing from our kiosks.

Now, you don’t even have to locate your images!  We knew you’d like that.  P.S. While we are on the subject, how about you 'Like' us?