Hello and welcome to our store! For 35+ years, Photo Pro has serviced everyone from entry-level photo enthusiasts to professional photographers. Photo Pro is a local photographic equipment retailer & professional full-service photo lab. Photo Pro also offers educational classes and seminars to assist & encourage our community to excel photographically. We are located at 153 Collins Road between Lindale Mall and the Best Buy plaza.

We take pride in serving amateur and professional customers here at Photo Pro. There are so many applications for photography today, and the technology is changing fast. Whether you are a novice or a trained professional, we will do our best to supply your needs and get you where you want to go photographically. The knowledge and expertise of our staff makes us unique, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. We are firm believers in building relationships with our customers to help understand their needs. This way we can ensure they get exactly what they need to capture that "Kodak moment."

We carry the most popular brands, so if you're looking for a new DSLR or compact camera, lens filter, tripod, or lighting equipment, you've found the right place! Just click on the product categories to start shopping.

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Meet The Staff

The Lab

  • Lori Lab Manager 
    Team member since 2001
  • Cathy
    Lab Technician
    Team member since 2008
  • Ellen Assistant Manager
    Team member since 2008

  • Tarah Digital Artist
    Team member since 2012
  • Christie Lab Technician
    Team member since 2014
  • Alissa
    Lab Technician
    Team member since 2015